A Checklist To Be Good To Google Panda – Part I

Google’s Panda update is crucial for all digital marketers. Many sites have suffered from this major update due to low-quality of the content. The existence of Panda is meant to basically target all the blogs, website content that don’t meet the content quality parameters according to Google. If you have seen drastic drop in the traffic in the past few months, it’s the right time to analyze and make your site appear better in search.


Image Courtesy : Bluefountainmedia

Writing new content is not only the solution. It is tedious task to do it manually. It is very vital to find the content issue quickly and in the right manner. I will share some of my approach here which helps to make your Panda recovery process faster.

Different Forms of Duplicate Content

When it comes to Panda, you need to dig into various forms of content to figure out what has caused the sudden drop in rank. A few major ones are mentioned below

  • Duplicate Meta tags

This is one of the major concerns on those sites that have many web pages. You may track this duplicate issue in your Google webmasters tools.

Solution: Get the data from the webmasters tool and write new revised content for all the duplicate meta tags or simply remove if those pages are not valid.

  • Thin Content

Thin content is something that at once reflects that it has not been created by keeping the users in the mind, but only for the search engines.

Solution:The content should be resourceful that provides value to the audience.

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