A Checklist To Be Good To Google Panda – Part II

I hope you enjoyed the first part and let dig more into the same topic.

  • Mirror Pages

While searching for something on Google, you may come on the last SERP on the page with the message “omitted results.” When surfing through those omitted pages you might get the mirror pages, which means that the page has same content with different version of URLs.



This happens because of the backhand process. Sometimes we do not have control to stop these URLs. Google treats such pages as duplicate.

Solution: You may dump it or make it proper redirection.

Image Courtesy: Omicrono

  • Low quality Content

This is all about you using spun content, revised content by only using synonyms. Google now easily identifies this kind of low quality content.

Solution: Write unique/informative content with a good flow and which is easy to understand by your end users.

Closing thoughts:

Content is the main weapon for all your online marketing channels. Whether you are doing SEO, PPC or any other online marketing activity, content is the most common thing among all of them.

Content not only drives visitors but it converts them into customers. Google’s aim is to only provide good information to the users with the best content so we just need to help them by providing them great content.

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