Is Your Business Committing the 5 Avoidable Facebook Errors?

Looking at the massive figure of 1.23 billion active users, it is no wonder that Facebook is social giant and an unavoidable element in your marketing campaigns. It could prove to be the biggest mistake if you are leaving out Facebook in your campaign as there is a great potential to find, reach and engaged with relevant audience.

However, it is necessary to know the most common pitfalls, and how to avoid them. There are times when marketers commit mistakes while posting, sharing, or interacting with their audience and it is where the tricky part is.

Still, it is absolutely possible to become a Facebook power user. Only avoiding the 5 dreadful errors will ensure that you are at home safely.


Image Source: Social Media

  • Inability to understand the platform: It is vital to understand the various aspects of the business page that you will be creating. It could prove to be destructive for your social media marketing campaign. Make sure that you know the platforms well by going through Facebook’s own tutorial and other sources around the web.
  • Violation of Facebook’s policies: This comes along the line with not understanding the platform. While signing up, you had agreed to some terms and conditions. It is your duty now to abide by the agreement with Facebook. The most common violations are:
  • Utilizing a personal page as a business page
  • Not abiding the contest and tagging policies.
  • Irrelevant images: Ever notices an image that is completely irrelevant to the actual message of Facebook. Well, this kind of marketing does not only repel your visitors, but your brand also suffers a lot. It is vital to show your audience the product or the service in the true light.
  • No response to the comments: One of the main reasons of engaging on social media efforts is to enable better interaction with your audience. Even if your posts don’t make up regularly on the account, you should be responding to the comments and queries written by your audience. Don’t appear to be out of touch and less concerned.
  • No Call-to-action: Your Facebook profile is just like fish without water if you don’t have a CTA. Here is the process:
  • Engage your viewers with great information
  • Give them value with your copy
  • Convert them with an effective call-to-action.

Take your time to look into Facebook if you have not yet done it, and to modify your existing strategy, by avoiding these 5 common marketing mistakes listed above for best results.

This content is copyrighted by ClickMatix team.


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