Google Shuts Off Its Authorship SEO Ranking Program

It was a buzz in entire SEO world, when the search engine giant Google declared the termination of its Google Authorship program which was started as an experiment over three years ago. Google authorship was a method which allowed to include the own created content with Google+ profile.

The process was announced by Google’s webspam head Matt Cutts as a Google’s initiative to begin attributing content to authentic authors.

Image Source: Marketing Profs

Further this program was launched with set of protocols. For an individual to participate in the authorship process, he needs to have two mandatory aspects-

  • A verified digital identify owned by Google which links to author’s published content. Precisely a Google+ profile.
  • The published content ought to refer the individual as an author thereby linking back to the verified digital identity.

Apart from this Matt Cutts and Othar Hansson, the head of the Authorship project also illustrated that during the next coming years, the Authorship data could also be used for evaluating the associated Search engine ranking.

Besides, the people making use of this program got extensively rewarded with their author names as well as the images which used to appear next to the content.

Well now the query here to arise is that why did Google ended up its authorship program?

Out of the various facts one of the major reasons to take up this step was the reliable testing process by Google.

Image Source: Audience Wise

Needless to mention, every newly generated process is duly and thoroughly checked in Google and the one which is found encountering issues, i.e. not matching as per the protocols, is kept out of the flow. As of Google’s Authorship program the test data collected were not up to the mark.

Apparently two reasons were being deducted behind this cause-

However, with lots of issues and concerns, this idea of identifying authors along with managing identities with Google controlled system finally came to an end. But just hold on!

Indeed this search engine optimization methods and ranking system closed down, but Google still continues to keep this process alive with its “Author Rank” program, which provides the same consequences but with different procedure.

Now this method of producing Google’s listings may continue for long but only when it gives out the results as per Google’s standards.


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