Top 4 SEO Basics To Know As an Online Marketer

It takes time for the traditional modes of businesses to grow and prosper in the market. In the same streamline, it equally takes time for the current trend of marketing to grow online.

This is the fact that online marketing is gradually replacing the traditional shopping methods. Moreover who cares to move around to shop when everything is available through the power of mouse click and that too at the comfort zone of home or office isn’t it?

Online marketing has indeed emerged as an aspect of convenience to the people, but at the same time it takes long for the entrepreneurs to establish their businesses online.

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With so many companies already existing on this platform and in an extremely provocative environment, it becomes pretty challenging for start up businesses to make their visibility online. The only method in this case is to rely on the SEO techniques.

Needless to mention, this has been one of the best ever techniques to promote a website or a campaign online. This involves various techniques which could be performed upon a website to promote it better online.

However, if you don’t have an in-house SEO expert then you need to check out an SEO consultant, in case you are unaware of SEO tactics to be performed over the website. That could cause you extra investment.

Nevertheless check out some of the easy DIY steps to start SEO basics on your website by your own-

  • Keyword Intensity- The first and the foremost requirement for any website. A keyword is one important aspect which helps the Google to find the website by the entry of phrases made by users in the search engine. Framing a keyword in the website becomes extremely important to make it visible online.
  • Extreme considerations should be given upon the selection of keyword. Precisely it should be unique and distinct. If you don’t find the one then, you could also try looking for sole varieties of keywords in Keyword Planner, which is a free Google AdWords tool that helps in providing exclusive sets of keywords as per the niche.
  • Need of Content- What’s a website without content? The answer is simple. It’s just nothing. Neither Google would consider, nor the users. This is one of the mandatory requirements of the website. Not only it helps to know about the website, but at the same side, it also helps to know about the company’s services and products.
  • Additionally, an informative and resourceful content helps to develop more users and as well as the search engine would also put the website in the search index. Apart from this the quality of the content should also be kept in high priority. Some of the categories of content which could be included in the website are- blogs, articles, videos, infographics and podcasts.
  • Link Building- This is one of the prime requirements of the websites. The main motive of the link building is to get the other websites linked to your website. This surely enhances the rank of the website and promotes it in the search engine.
  • Getting links with keyword anchor text proves out to be highly lucrative. It helps the websites to be ranked specifically for the linked keywords. However, the one query to pop out in mind is that-“How to earn links”? Well, there are some of the acute methods behind this factor. Check out some of them which include-
    • Organic Links
    • Whitehat techniques
    • Blackhat techniques
  • Rely on Google- This is the giant amongst all the search engines. Hence, instead of optimizing a website for any other search engine, one should make it rather Google friendly. No doubt, a major part of online users visit Google to make their queries.
  • In order to make your website visible in Google, follow its protocols, which include list of various tips like submission of sitemap thereby making sure regarding the perfect description and information of the titles and keywords. In addition, there are various tools to determine the suitability of the website for the search engine.

The Bottom Line-

Indeed setting up a business is not an easy task. But at the same time one could expect to get better rankings of his website in search engine by just following some of the easy to perform website SEO techniques.


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